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Observed: 22nd April 2013 By: coloursofmemorycoloursofmemory’s reputation in Plantscoloursofmemory’s reputation in Plantscoloursofmemory’s reputation in Plants

Low growing flowering plant. Haven't seen it in the garden before, and 2 separate patches have appeared. Very pale, washed out purple petals, dark green leaves. Is it a native or cultivated variety?

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The identification of violets is easier ...

... if the sepals and corolla spur are visible, though that might not be as helpful as usual in the case of a leucistic variant such as this one.

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Thanks. I'll take another photo and post it here tomorrow.

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Of the common species ...

... the one with rounded sepals as seen here is Viola odorata, which is also quite variable in flower colour.