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Limacus flavus or maculatus?

Observed: 16th March 2013 By: mattprince1969mattprince1969’s reputation in Invertebratesmattprince1969’s reputation in Invertebratesmattprince1969’s reputation in Invertebratesmattprince1969’s reputation in Invertebrates

10cm (when extended) slug, clearly limacus, but is it flavus or maculatus?
Appears quite dark, but has a yellow line along most of its body, some dispute about the id.
Pictures show a thwarted escape attempt (across the wifes favourite furniture), close up of the tail end, colour of mucus.
Can it be identified to either species with confidence, or should this be left as limacus sp?

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Apologies about the blur.. was going so fast as it made a bid for freedom. Fortunately it was easy to follow..

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Yellow keel

It has the yellow keel of L. flavus, but I'm not that familiar with L.maculatus (hence no id entered!)

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Thanks Brian for the detailed explanation.

I'll take that as a probable limacus maculatus, which is what Mark Telfer was trying to tell me when I posted it on the 1000 for 1SqK blog.

However I think I'll look for a more standard one before I'm happy with recording one as such ~ that or its dissection time !

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I've got an observation of

I've got an observation of flavus confirmed on my spot- definitely looks a lot paler than thus one! I'm no expert though at all......

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