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Field Earthstar

Observed: 20th April 2013 By: anonymous spotter
Field Earthstar

Found group of old cases amongst pine needles under conifers on the land side of the dunes. The rays were brown and I counted 5 segments although there might have been a couple more. Spore sac gray, spherical,and appears to be coated in granules. No stalk visible. Pale pleated pore at top with well defined margin. According to Collins these are rare in the South so I wonder if it is some other species of Earthstar?


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Jenny, just because they may be rare in the south doesn't mean that "you" cannot find them. Could well be worth contacting your local recorders with your find.


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Jenny This has only been

This has only been recorded 9 times so yes it is very rare. Did you collect it and did it get sent to the local recorder?

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If you are a member of the Norfolk & Norwich Naturalists Trust there is a good article on the earthstars of Norfolk, including where they have been recorded so far and ID tips etc. It is in the 2009 'Transactions'.