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Woodpecker ID

Help please, While walking along the Basingstoke canal this morning I spotted a woodpecker, I'm used to seeing green 'peckers with their laughing call and often see greater spotted peckers but this was a lot slighter, about half the build I'd say,,,,,would it possable be a lesser spotted? ..or just a juv greater?
What you folks think?




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Really hard to say. one thing it won't have been is a juvenile Great Spotted Woodpecker, as they have not been born this year, yet. It's worth remembering that juveniles of birds like these are not really any smaller than adults, either, once they have left the nest.

Sounds like it was a Lesser Spotted or a just a Great Spotted that seemed small for some reason. Was it flying or at rest? If at rest, did it show Great Spotted's large white shoulder patch or was the back just barred, like Lesser?

And, of course, Lesser Spotted are very small...surprisingly so.


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it was on the side of a tree,,,as for the shoulder, hard to say,,as most of it was in silloette,,,,but i'd imagine it must have been about 5-6 inches tall and very slim,,as opposed to the rather stocky greaters that normally fly around here

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what is the tree called that woodpekers peck.

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"what is the tree called that woodpekers peck"

They're not that choosy. Anything that might have insects under the bark will usually do.