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Violet Cosmet - Pancalia leuwenhoekella

Observed: 21st April 2013 By: DluogsDluogs’s reputation in InvertebratesDluogs’s reputation in InvertebratesDluogs’s reputation in Invertebrates
Moth - Pancalia leuwenhoekella 1a
Moth - Pancalia leuwenhoekella 1b
Pancalia leuwenhoekella scale in mm

A metallic micro moth. Narrow moth with orange wings, silver and black markings. Antennae have white band near tip. Scale in mm. The common name "Violet Cosmet" refers to the larval foodplant, not the moth's colour.

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The white section in the antennae of this species is diagnostic. In the related species P. schwarzella the antennae are unicolorous in the male and thickened in the female below a white section. There is no thickening of the antennae in the photos,

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Thanks! Good to have this

Thanks! Good to have this confirmed.