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Unknown Micro moth

Observed: 19th April 2013 By: PeatPeat’s reputation in InvertebratesPeat’s reputation in InvertebratesPeat’s reputation in Invertebrates

Apologies for the poor photo.

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If you still have it

see if it has raised scale tufts on the wings. If so it will be A. cristana.

From a shot from above (usually the best for this sort of tortrix) it is not really possible to see if this feature is present.

David Howdon

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Acleris hastiana/cristana

As a point of clarification, David is referring to the really large central tuft which is present in fresh A. cristana (though sometimes worn of by this time) whereas A. hastiana has several small tufts.
In the past 10 days I've made a field identification of A. hastiana which on dissection turned out to be A. schalleriana and one the other way round!

Richard Dickson

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Any reason Douglas?

Interested in which characters make you lean in that direction.

David Howdon

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Just general experience of

Just general experience of the pair I suppose, latter species fits best.

As well as the scale tufts, there are some differences in wing shape. Costa is smoother on hastiana.

Not something which I'd noticed when adding the ID but as far as I'm aware cristana doesn't occur on IoM, hastiana does; cristana is certainly very rare that far North. I know it shouldn't really be taken in account when ID'ing but it's certainly supporting evidence.

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