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Common Flat Periwinkle

Observed: 21st April 2013 By: gramandy
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Common Flat Periwinkle

The topmost gastropod.

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I agree, after all this time.
What mess this is - no-one seems to be able to tell the difference between a simple Flat Periwinkle and the less than simple one - fabalis.
Now visit and also take a look at the few posts that have apparently blind agreements from people who, maybe, ought to study a bit more.
I have the luxury of being inexperienced in the science!

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I have begun a project - that is JoC and I. We'd like some posts, say three with easy to fathom pictures, a little descriptive text and a fairly definitive ID - a long Comment trail is fine.
Will you contribute? Can you find some suitable posts and Tag them ProjectM1 (only three for now). They will auto-load to the project.
Simply remove the tag if you want out any time.
It is a new idea, an experiment, may not come to fruition and may yet change out of all proportion!
It is not solely for invertebrates.
We'd appreciate some suggestions or recommendations - some stuff may be best done via personal email - you have mine.

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happy to help

what would you like to start with?


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G. I think that is up to you.
Pick one to start with - a fair picture, preferably more than one picture in the post, a positive ID and some comments preferably.
I may make suggestions when I see it, like a change in title, just perhaps.
It is very young, go look at the ones so far. The idea is to get more exposure to marines.
I can't remove submissions very easily - so quality is the key, please?