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Sweet Violet

Observed: 22nd April 2013 By: TroglodyteTroglodyte’s reputation in PlantsTroglodyte’s reputation in PlantsTroglodyte’s reputation in PlantsTroglodyte’s reputation in Plants
White Dog Violet
White Dog Violet
DSC04404Violet - leaf detail

Observation Title amended in line with revised ID. Very similar to the usual purple form of Common Dog Violet but with white flowers

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Pointed Sepals.

I think the sepals on the right hand flower in the second picture look quite long and pointed, with large appendages. Some of the leaves not from rootstock, but from stems. Very cordate leaves.

Was it scented?

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Thanks for the comments and apologies for the delay, I needed to revisit the site.
The flowers are unscented and I have included another photo of leaf detail.

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Extra photo

Thanks for the extra photo. I can see a bud with rounded sepals, which would point to V. odorata or V. hirta. Both V. odorata and V. riviniana have heart-shaped leaves. These look slightly downy - again both may show this feature. On balance, sticking with V.odorata - this often seems to lack scent, in my experience (or my nose has given up!).