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Observed: 17th April 2013 By: VikiF

This is the moth of a caterpillar I found in some brocolli I purchased at a supermarket (Cornwall) The brocolli was from Spain, I'd love to know what species this is.

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I can't say I agree with this identification. However, if it is a Spanish species it may not occur in UK at all. The nearest UK species I can find is Clouded Drab.

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If it was in the UK, there is

If it was in the UK, there is no question it is P. saucia. I only held reservations because of possible Spanish confusion species. Upon research I can't find any other European contenders so am pretty certain of my ID.

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It was in UK but from Spain


It was here but it had travelled here from Spain in my brocolli.

I had a look at clouded drab and it definitely isn't that, it's a different shapre from the side.

Thanks both for your suggestions :)