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Rough periwinkle

Observed: 18th April 2013 By: dejayM
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Seems to come (here locally) in very drab forms but the one seen here is banded.
The smooth one is the Common Periwinkle (for comparison)
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This post originates here -
where, quite correctly, I was put right in the comments.
I still have some doubts about these being L. saxatillis, so I am awaiting comment and a very low tide later this week!
The 'tracks' are interesting. Made in very wet sand on top of the drying stone as winkles and whelks made their dash for lairs. See here

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Hi Derek ...

...would really help to get opening stats, angle of opening to spire, how large in comparison to whorls, pinpoints better the sp. I think you are probably right though (saxatilis not saxatilia).

I know not nice to disturb but for ID sometimes necessary. I have done this and put them back where they were, watched for 10 mins and they scuttled off (extremely slowly) to where they wanted to be.

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Years ago, I spent a week, an hour a day, measuring height-to-opening ratio on Dog Whelks. I was on an Island and often fell asleep in the breezes! Happy daze.
Browsing my recent pictures, I see far more L.saxatilis than I'd thought.
Yes though, a good idea. THANKS Graham
Fairly big tides here end of week...