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Meadow plant

Observed: 22nd April 2013 By: KMBufferyKMBuffery’s reputation in PlantsKMBuffery’s reputation in PlantsKMBuffery’s reputation in Plants
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Can't see any daisies in there. Is it the big hairy leaves that you want identifying?

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The white flowers ...

... might be Potentilla sterilis (barren strawberry), but I can't make out any details. (Some leaves can be seen at the other side of the photograph.)

There is what looks like Achillea millefolium (yarrow) foliage in there, which is a daisy, for some values of daisy.

I can see some Ficaria verna (lesser celandine) foliage as well.

But the leaves front and centre are not so easy to identify. I think that they're Centaurea nigra (knapweed), which is also a daisy, for somke values of daisy.

But definitely no sign of the architypal Bellis perennis.

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It was the large leaves I was

It was the large leaves I was looking to identify, but thanks very much for your help!

K.B :)