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Unknown Spider

Observed: 16th May 2010 By: Landcrab

Was interested in finding out what the grub in photo was doing

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Second thougts

I have just blown the photo' up and it seems to be a spider, not a tick

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spider & grub

Do you have an estimate of length (without legs) of the spider?

The grub is interesting - the larvae of Acroceridae (a family of flies with 3 species in Britain) are parasites of spiders; they become internal parasites with the free-living first instar larva burrowing into the host. I wonder if that is what is seen here? They are not commonly seen and I'm not sure the larva here looks right (I think the first instar would be bristly), but a dipterist might know more,


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It is a spider, and I think

It is a spider, and I think the grub is an ichneumon larva. I was shown a similar picture a few weeks ago, but can't remember the name. Gavin Broad at the Natural History Museum in London may be interested in rearing the ichneumon if you still have them both alive.

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As I recall the size of the main body of the spider would have been 4 or 5mm across. Unfortunatly I did not remove the spider from its " home "

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What a fascinating photo, thanks for posting it. Spiders don't always come out the winners in encounters with insects!

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