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Basking shark off Mingulay

Observed: 9th July 2009 By: nigelmottramnigelmottram’s reputation in Fish

Observed two basking sharks just off the coast of Mingulay in the Outer Hebrides. One is shown in the image.

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It's great to seen them It

It's great to seen them
It looks like a basking shark to me. We see them every now and then of the North West Coast, last time on the 1st July off Stoer Point.
When you see them from a distance I often feel it looks like an adult followed by a baby, until you realize that the smaller 'fin' always closely follows the much larger fin, and is the basking sharks tail.

As you are in the Hebrides have you seen any sign of the 400 plus dolphin pod reported recently?

Les Pearce
Wildlife of Assynt

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Basking shark

Hello Nigel and welcome to iSpot. This is a basking shark, the dorsal fin is too triangular and as Les says the tailfin is a give away.

The crossbill you sent to me, where did you photograph it? It is clearly stuffed, and very old at that.

See you soon

Graham Banwell

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Basking shark

Thanks for the comments. I was in the Hebrides and West coast for the whole of July on holiday (Oban, Barra, Harris, Kishorn, Eigg, Muck). I was looking forward to seeing dolphin but after 9 ferry journeys and living on the coast for four weeks we didn't see any sign. Plenty of otters, common and grey seals, lots of birds but no dolphin. There was a minke whale sighted on our ferry back from Eigg but I didn't spot it.

Thought you'd like the crossbill Graham :)

It was in a heritage museum in Applecross, a victorian display of stuffed birds.