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Zebra spider_13-04-21_05

Observed: 21st April 2013 By: PaulChallinorPaulChallinor’s reputation in InvertebratesPaulChallinor’s reputation in InvertebratesPaulChallinor’s reputation in InvertebratesPaulChallinor’s reputation in Invertebrates
Zebra spider_13-04-21_05
Zebra spider_13-04-21_07

Observed on the house wall in an urban garden, South Wales.

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Good pic

Lovely Paul. No agreements yet, 'cept mine.
Doubters should look here -
but don't believe everything on the Web, nor in Wikki!

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Maybe no agreements because

Maybe no agreements because is it possible to distinguish it with certainty from S.cingulatus (or zebraneus) from a photo? S. cingulatus tends to be lighter but is that reliable?

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You're right Alan, probably not (possible from a picture - though this one IS pretty dark).
I see it as Zebra Spider, rather like Birch Tree or Tiger (I hope you know what I mean).
I don't (won't) always apply that faulty logic but iSpot makes allowances for people like me.
I mean that without informed comments like yours it would be a very dull site.
I think Paul will understand - which is what we're after.
I am in a LOT of naming-trouble in marine invertebrates!

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The trouble with invertbrates is that there so many of them and whereas with trees, mammals etc. there may not be much choice for an ID, with invertbrates there is usually plenty.

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Thanks For the help Derek and Alan

I have absolutely no problem with the corrections - its the best way to learn. It's also a good way to teach me to be more observant in trying to identify and assess the possible alternatives.