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Newt Uncertain ID

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Newt Uncertain ID
Newt Tail
Tail of Newt
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Tail pin?

Tail in second photo looks a little pin like at the end I think.

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Tail of Newt

I will add another photo showing tail to see if that helps

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I don't see a filament and

I don't see a filament and the wavy crest is typical for a male smooth newt.

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Photos not very clear but I think tail is more sharply pointed rather than abrupt end with a filament so I think you may be right.

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Third photo better.

I agree no filament. :)

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ID points

Go by the hind feet with fringes / flaps of skin in Picture 1 and the wavy crest in picture 2 - both these are only found on male Smooth Newts. If it were a Palmate Newt it would have webbed hind feet and no wavy crest.

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