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Hairy violet.

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Early Dog-violet.
Early Dog-violet.
Early Dog-violet.

Clumps of violets scattered throughout an area of chalk grassland.

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Was it scented? If so, I'd go with Sweet Violet.

If not, I was thinking that the leaves are looking a little spreading hairy.

As it was on chalk grassland, this might be a possibility.

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It could be Viola hirta but

It could be Viola hirta but the characters needed to distinguish from V. odorata are not shown: length of hairs on the petiole and presence or absence of stolons.

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Tricky little flowers.

I think with an eye of faith there might just be enough hair to consider the posibility, but agree that there isnt enough in the pictures to be certain. :)

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I have attached another photo. There is not much leafage, and no scent at all, so I don't think it's V. odorata. The hairs on the young leaves and petioles are very distinct. So V. hirta does seem a possibility.

Bill Welch

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I'll go hairy!

If no scent and hairs on petioles distinct, added to being found on chalk grassland, I think I'll go odds on hairy. :)

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hairs spreading, leaves

hairs spreading, leaves ovate= hirta

Tim Rich