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orchid spotting in crete

Hi all, in my other post asked about algarve and cannerys for orchid spotting hols, but got a reply from Ian saying the place to go is Crete, have convinced the wife this is the place to go next April, the thing is I have never been to Crete before and as this would not be a holiday just flower spotting ( could only maybe manage 3 whole days doing that), I was wonderig if anyone had any surgestions a to where might be a good place to base ourselfs and were are the must visit areas to maximise orchid varietes to see. Will have a car so could travel while there, have a whole year to plan it so any help would be appriciated.



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I used to stay at Plakias on the mid south coast. I have not been there for a few years, now, but assume it has not changed too much. You could base yourself near Rethymno, too, or many other places! A useful book for Cretan orchids is this one...

...which has some suggested locations at the back. The best places I visited were above Spili and near the archaeological site of Phaestos, but orchids are all over the place, really.

Remember that there are many other places you could go for orchids...France, Spain, Italy...etc. All have good areas for them. Crete is great in spring, though...lots of other endemic plants to hunt for, too, and birds like Lammergeier.

If you do end up going to Crete, give me a nudge nearer the time and I can dig out some more precise details for you.

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