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13-04-19 065a

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13-04-19 065a
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these are appalling photographs, because so far away and little time before vanishing behind trees. But it was a large heavy bird, could it be a little egret? Probably a vain hope, but perhaps someone can tell from the shape?

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"Appalling" pictures are my specialty; see recent post for swallow. I struggle even with static shots! Though I have had awful pictures confirmed with a good visual description to back up what you have seen. I hope I am a better "spotter" than photographer. Just do your best.
As this bird seems to have pink/red feet I think this is probably not a little egret as they have black legs and yellow feet, unless juveniles have very different colouration (like herring gulls have 4 stages of development).
Unfortunately I cannot offer an alternative, and I am quite happy to be contradicted.

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Little Egret?

Hi, on my screen the feet appear to be yellow, so it may be a Little Egret.

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coloured feet

Well, I think it was my computer and/or ambient/background light that made them look pinkish first time I viewed them for a while.
On re-visiting them they do now appear more yellow.
Sorry. But it was how they appeared to me at the time.

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As said before yellow feet. They do appear in this photo to have an orange tinge but given the photo quality, in particular uncertain white balance, this is fine by me.



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Presumably, the agreements are with the level of confidence 'It might be this', as really there is no way a record could ever be accepted for Little Egret from the photos!


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Confidence is a large factor Ian and, for me, the yellow(ish) feet are the clincher.