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Unknown starfish

Observed: 14th February 2013 By: Charliel-p

It was only about 6cm across so its not Marthasterias glacialis, any ideas what it might be?

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Although it is very small it has all the hallmarks of M. glacialis, which presumably are small when young until they grow larger.
So why are you so sure it's not? Looks like it to me.

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I did not "claim" this in order to give a very NEW i-spotter a chance to reconsider, learn, and make the claim. They need encouragement.
Especially as I suspect (though apologies if I am wrong) this one is fairly young, but certainly new.


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Charliel-p, Scubamann

I am sorry for identifying when I could have allowed the new iSpotter to make the id. I just thought that adding an id would allow starfish experts to see the observation and help the new iSpotter. The observation has been on here for a while and I thought the iSpotter would appreciate an id attempt before it disappears from the carousel.

I also apologise for saying that scubamann made the id, when he only meant to help Charliel-p. I am a young iSpotter and still make mistakes on the site. There is a possibility that it isn't M. glacialis and an expert can further help Charliel-p to making an observation that is more likely to be correct than mine.



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Hello Kieran,
Well, I am sorry if I came over a bit severe. I had assumed that with your three invertebrate "badges" you were older and/or more experienced. I have not been i-spotting that long myself (I think about 26 weeks) and not totally familiar with the etiquette. No problem here with you remarking about my comment. It looks as though we both meant well for Charliel-p.

I posted my comment for some of the same reasons as yourself ; to keep the posting active before it went off the carousel, and hoping someone else would challenge me. I am 99% certain it is M. glacialis though could still be wrong.

Keep up the good work.

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Hello Geoffrey, Thanks for

Hello Geoffrey,

Thanks for your reply. I am more experienced with garden insects than marine life and had to do some online research to identify this starfish. As you said, the identification was intended to help Charliel-p and I should have commented instead.

Hopefully these comments will keep the post active and attract an expert to confirm the identity.

All the best and keep up the good work,


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Hi Kieran,
Thats Ok, I'm glad we got it sorted out.

The Comments get posted back to the original poster, so whilst maybe not keeping that post alive for others to contribute, they give feedback to the spotter in his/her "my spot" and s/he can re-post, maybe with the identifications as "I think it might be this" or whatever, and it gives it a second chance of going around [take hint, Charliel-p]. I did not know this when I started and made many mistakes.
So hopefully a satisfactory outcome for all of us learners. End.

Happy Spotting

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Hi both, just to confirm I

Hi both,

just to confirm I think you are correct with the ID no other UK starfish looks quite like this!

Trudy Russell
Marine Advisor
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