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Hairless shiny heart/ kidney shaped leaves. White flowers approx 8-10mm across with 4 petals.

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Cochlearia officinalis

Scurvygrasses always seem to cause trouble, but they're not too tricky if you know the key characters (and ignore the subspecies!).

First look at the basal leaves. If they're cuneate at the base (ie the leaf descends down the petiole for a little way) it's C. anglica. The rest have cordate (heart shaped) or triangular leaves.

Then look at the stem leaves. If the middle stem leaves are stalked it's C. danica. If they aren't look at the upper stem leaves. If they distinctly clasp the stem it's C. officinalis and if they don't (or sometimes only do so a small amount) it's C. pyrenaica.

Chris Metherell
BSBI VC Recorder
North Northumberland

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Thank you

Thanks for those excellent ID tips Chris. That's really helped to clarify it for me, without being too terrifying!

Clare Flynn