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Unknown seaweed

Observed: 30th March 2013 By: GraceMcnickGraceMcnick’s reputation in Plants
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could also be...

...C.vermilara which also has rounded tips. Where on the shore was this found high or really low would help? What was the texture of the seaweed like? Velvety spongy, any of these descriptions would help as they help to distinguish. There is also a sub sp of fragile that has rounded ends. I think you are probably right Chris but I'm not prepared to go beyong Codium sp at the moment.

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Hi, Found lower/middle

Found lower/middle shore.
Sorry don't have any other info

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spade a spade

This is becoming a greater issue for me as I progress through seaweeds (particularly). I have always thought it right to call a spade a spade (Velvet Horn, Robin, Sparrow) but when it comes to some seaweeds, we need more precision than just one picture. Chris's assertion that the tips might somehow help us to separate, say tomentosum from fragile, is not far off the mark. BUT, unfortunately, Velvet Horns are often heavily disguised and, to be really certain, we need to clip a piece from the tip and examine the utricles closely. Further, in fact, to look hard at the tips of them to see the shape of the mucron. How might I know this? Well, I was quite certain about the identify of Velvet Horn and began to form my own post but I then discovered the truth. You can see a result of my research here (posted on the Southern African iSpot). I have yet to form the Post here but now have enough material so it will come.