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Observed: 30th March 2013 By: GraceMcnickGraceMcnick’s reputation in Plants

Red, thin flat fronds

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Hi Grace....

....I would like to ask the same questions again about this seaweed.

Texture all important, where on the shore was it? What else was around? Was there any signs of damage repair? Could you see cystocarps (little bumps on the fronds)?

Dulse can be easily mistaken for quite a few rhodophytes - G.multiparta, C.cristata, D.carnosa (doesn't look thick enough for ths)- usually microscope needed.

However, it looks to me to be Dulse :)

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I am working my way through UNlikely seaweeds.
I think this is right; true, it appears to have no edge proliferations but they are far more easily eroded away on dulse than the ones on, for instance, Eyelash Weed (Calliblepharis ciliata) which can be a lookalike
I have agreed with Grace (and Graham''s gut feeling) and so I've made it likely. It is one of far too regular ones that really need shifting (to Likely) but cannot be a really positive, based of a fuzzy photo.
Generally speaking, (writing) it is not wise to agree unless one is certain but there is no issue here, no alternative IDs offered and no harm done making it likely, which it is.