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Green-yellow crustose lichen

Observed: 10th April 2013 By: pf339
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - course complete
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Green-yellow crustose lichen b
Green-yellow crustose lichen a

Areolate crustose thallus, covered in green-yellow granules, growing on brick wall buttress. Lecanorine apothecia with yellow-orange discs and granules around thalline margin. K+ crimson. Possibly Caloplaca citrina.


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Recent developments

British "C. citrina" is more likely to be Caloplaca limonia or a taxon that needs more work, C. aff. austrocitrina. True C. citrina may not occur in Britain at all.
See BLS Bulletins 109 and 110 or the links below:

BLS Bulletin 109
BLS Bulletin 110

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Or Candelariella?

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... in the description above ;)

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Many thanks for help and suggestions and especially the links to more information. (Identification certainly not straightforward!)

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It's also worth...

having a quick look at the observations Alan has identified as C. limonia:

Sadly, a detailed posting I remember him offering on a third observation has 'disappeared' from iSpot.