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A Comma Period

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J01_2265 Comma

I must have been asleep for several years - I didn't actually realize that Commas hibernated until I spotted this today. DUH!!
Live and learn.

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Species with which Comma (Polygonia c-album) interacts


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Hi John, we have 5 hibernating species, Comma, Peacock, Red Admiral, Brimstone and Small Tortoiseshell. If you already knew that, sorry.

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No Apology Necessary

No need to apologize, Chris, I appreciate your completing the picture. It saves me searching through the books - or keeping my eyes open! :D

I think the Small Tortoiseshell is news to me, too.

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Just noticed you also have what appears to be a Buff-tailed Bumble Bee in the shot as well.

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Clearly Blind!

Good heavens, Chris, so I do.

If you want proof of blindness, check out this link to a picture from our recent Odo-hunting trip to Singapore and Cambodia.

Can you believe that I didn't notice the grasshopper when I was taking the picture?

Actually, if you have some free time, I think you'd probably be interested in spinning through the gallery.


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Nice gallery

Hi John, I have had a look through your gallery, really nice with some colourful species. There seems to be so many more species abroad whereas we are limited to about 30 or so, if you are lucky. I see what you mean about the grasshopper, your eye is drawn to the damselfly and it could see how it was missed.