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Red seweed

Observed: 30th March 2013 By: GraceMcnickGraceMcnick’s reputation in Plants
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red seaweeed

The "background" seaweed is probably Corallina rubra but can't help with the "proper" one

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Hi Mark...

...the background rhodophyte is actually Corallina officinalis and I'm with you I can't pick out enough detail for an ID of the foreground alga at the moment.

Cerigait - it doesn't look like sea oak see

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Perhaps not then :)

I thought it might be from a very very vague memory and given this image:

But not at all like it,looking at the ispot link you suggested.

Thanks anyway :)

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how red was red?

how red was red if that isn't a silly question? Did you feel it at all - texture?

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Hello, Thanks guys! I am


Thanks guys!
I am doing a seaweed collection for a university project, but have never learnt about seaweed before!
I took the picture on a really grotty day and didn't get chance to look at it properly/ feel it (which propably was a bad idea)

but Thanks for your help anyway!

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some do's for seaweed ID...

....always feel the plant for texture
crystalline, spongy, calcareous, tough, thin (several cells thick or one cell thick - you can see through it), coarse, rigid, floppy, soft, silky, you know lots of others.

.... try to get the colour nailed
red, purplish, bright green, dull green, orange, coral, pinkish, black, brown, bluish, etc. Colour tells of degradation in a sp as well so beware this - white and orange especially sadly tends to mean the demise of the plant but can lead to confusions.

...always record where on the coast
eulittoral, sublittoral, edges of these,
what else is around are there
limpets, winkles, which other seaweeds.

need microscopic detail for most rhodophytes
take a hand lens with you describe edges of plant, hooked over ends, bulbous ends, etc.

What time of the year - your pic tells you this - you can then be aware as to whether you should see cystocarps, sexual bodies, reproductive bulges, etc.

Strata attached to
chalk, igneous rock, cobbles, sand, other algae, and how is it attached - rhizoids, rootlets, holdfasts, etc.

I enjoyed my marine studies and wish I could have got a job in the area (sadly there was about 2 marine biology type jobs a year then), I went on to do 33 years as a research scientist. I am now back to the marine studies trying to map Epple Bay and West Bay in Kent for all flora and fauna. I'm lucky I do have a seaweed guru 2 miles down the road (he spent approx 30 years looking and Iding these for the Natural History Museum).

I wish you all the luck in the world with your project/studies for your degree and if I can help in any way let me know :)

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Hi, Great, thank you! I will


Great, thank you! I will keep it in mind for future!

That sounds awesome, good luck with everything!
And thanks so much, I will let you know if I need any help! :)


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if you do collect...

...look for microscopic evidence of your sample.

Get a couple of good books that you can use to familiarise yourself with the alga, the more you use them, the more you will know where, quite quickly, to find what you might think it is. Make sure they also have distribution maps, remembering they may not be up to date. You might even find something never recorded in your area.

IDing is fun but difficult.


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i agree..

...have been looking at this for a while, also known as Red Grape Weed - not round our way at all. I also agree about the book.

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haven't seen ...

...many posts from you yet? how's the seaweed ID going?

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Marines & Portals

Origin December 2014
I am on the lookout for quality or interesting seaweed posts during 2015. But they must be tagged Marine for the Marine Project.
Can anyone explain why NBN has NO records for this one? (at the time)
And isn't it time, now we are more Global than ever, to use the GBIF Portal?

Much later
I have returned to add my agreement. I have not swung Likely. Ceri?

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Gastroclonium ovatum

This is the NBN site with lots of records for Gastroclonium ovatum.
At present the accompanying 'others' are still for H. siliquosa. Trudy, Graham and myself do not have the clout to change it.


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This post with the wrong id

needs Ceri to agree the right one, but I have not seen any recent posts to show Ceri is still visiting the site.
I wonder if we remove our agreement to the correct Id and the add it again; perhaps we have now acquired enough "staus" to swing it... Just a thought.


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Yes, this sort of thing in iSpot is really annoying. A perfectly good result, a progressive comment trail and a well-offered (and correct) ID. Yet, and yet, 13 Icons is not enough to overturn Ceri's ID.
Even GraceMcnick could tip this..

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13 icons

You cannot add up icons.
no icon = 1 vote
1 icon ~ 2 votes
2 icons ~ 10 votes
3 icons ~ 100 votes
4 icons ~ 200 votes
5 icons ~ 500 votes
For a silver badge (knowledgeable): ignore all icons: the silver badge = 500 votes
Gold badge (no icons shown) = 1000 votes.
Votes are current as of last I_Agree or Revised_ID: not at time of originally posting of observation or of posting IDs/Agrees - and the sum of the actual reputation points, so that a 3 icon agreement can be anywhere between 100 and 200 votes - but only iSpot knows exactly what (so two 3-icons vs two 3-icons could be 200 vs 400 votes!).

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icons don't add up.

Thanks Tony, I thought there would be an explanation. Indeed, admin posted somthing similar elsewhere in answer to my query. Now dj has effected the change in this post by removing his original agreement and, having acquired more icons in the meantime, added it again.


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ID agreements.

I agree, dj, it is rather strange that 3 people have agreed with the ID of Gastroclonium ovatum making a total of 13 icons. Yet Ceri's ID, which she has withdrawn in her comment (April 2013), remains 'likely'.

Do we know why the algorithm used by iSpot does not swing the ID? Perhaps it needs tweaking? Who should we ask?


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goes to sleep, it would seem. As I had succeeded elsewhere, I removed my agreement, forcing the algorithm to run and then added it again. The rest is now history.

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Your strategy has worked.
I should alert HO that this particular issue is now solved.