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Is it a sponge or have some things hatched from it?

Observed: 16th April 2013 By: HopleyHopley’s reputation in Invertebrates
Washed up on our local beach - what are they?

Is this some sort of sponge? Or have some things hatched from it. Lots of them washed up on the beach last evening as tide was on its way out. It had been a windy day, we have a lot of those here but I haven't seen as many of these before.
Earnse Bay North Walney Cumbria. Please help us to learn more about our local environment.

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would be good...

....to move to invertebrates section where more people will have input. Just edit and place in to invertebrates. This is also known as Buckie.

Nucella lapillus are flask shaped individual egg capsules.

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It seems I was guilty of a Blind Agreement!
This is agreeing without reference to Comments, proper evidence or simply on a whim.
But I ticked (and have now removed) the first Common Whelk (because that's what it is) without looking at Mark's Latin name (of Dog Whelk). A lesson for me (and him I s'pect!)
Thanks gramandy!
Oh and shame on you Joe and Chris!!

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Amazing, isn't it? Like Chris, I'm sure, I saw 'Common Whelk', and didn't stop to check the Latin name... and that's even when knowing how easy it is to click the wrong suggestion. Have also removed and re-added my agreement.

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Common Whelk

Guilty, I just saw Common Whelk and trusted the system to put in the correct Latin name.

In my defence I do not know every Latin name there is and without the carousel of images working there was nothing to compare it with. Had it been working the error would have been obvious.

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....picking up on things on the strand line - will tell you a lot about your area. Strong tides/winds will bring various bits & bobs onto the beach strandline. The numbers also indicate that these molluscs are doing well where you are - good if you like whelks - not keen myself, but sure the fisherfolk of whelks will be happy.

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Thank you to ispoters for

Thank you to ispoters for feedback. What a wonderful resource this is for helping us to discover more about our local environment.

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I see you have added the ID hopley.
One would not normally do this AFTER someone else had (IDd correctly).
You can, of course, change the posting tile but I think, in this case, it would be a shame to do that.
You will notice that gramandy's ID has a tag 'Likely ID'. That suggests that HE is likely to be correct, he being quite experienced.
For only your second posting, you have done very well - I praise you for adding the descriptive text; few people are doing that and I wish more would.

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Dog whelk/ Common whelk

There you are – its what iSpot is all about. In my ignorance I thought Dog Whelk and Common Whelk where the same thing – now I know better!

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....yes, isn't it! What a delight to have such an innocent posting generate so much comment, knowledge and, well, fun!
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