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Moss from Barrow Fell, Lake District

Observed: 16th April 2013 By: Sophie Cochrane

It was really common in the upland area of Barrow Fell in the Lake District. Area was affected by a fire 10 years ago- not sure if this is an influence.It was much more common at study sites of unaffected areas and not as common or found at burnt sites.

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Looks to be a Hypnum of

Looks to be a Hypnum of sorts?

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Yes looks like Hypnum.

Yes looks like Hypnum. Doesn't appear to be jutlandicaum based on the golden colour and lack of sheen. I would say it is cupressiforme.

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Bryophyte tag

With respect to the good folk that are/might have helped you in the likely ID of this moss, I am requesting that you add the tag Bryophyte as this will act as a further aid by virtue of attracting more of those who specialise in mosses and liverworts. Thanks in advance,