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House Spider

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House Spider
House Spider
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The exact number of UK species is a little unclear

As there has been movement from genus tegeneria to malthonica for some species (such as malthonica sylvestris) and the status of some as "UK Species" is arguable (t.atrica for example appears to be a vagrant).

I make it 6 regularly occuring true tegeneria (includes t.atrica).
3 uncommon to vary rare malthonica, and a fourth 'possible' but not yet found (m.ramblae)

So 6-9 depending on definition and status.

The majority of large tegs in a house are going to be from the t.duellica/t.saeva pairing (actually a species group with t.atrica). t.domestica as the name implies is another common synanthropic species, but much smaller.

Most people dislike big "house" spiders, but the co-habitation of our homes by this species pair may be the reason the more aggressive hobo spider (t.agrestis) doesn't come into houses often in the UK (cvf North America).