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Sexing common lizards

Observed: 12th May 2012 By: Mark David Barber
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Sexing common lizards
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Mark, you should post a link

Mark, you should post a link to this in the iSpot amphibian and reptile forum so it's easier to find for future reference.

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Is the absence of the bulge always obvious? That is if I cannot see one can I be confident it is female, or could it just be a male where the bulge cannot be seen?

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Depends on the situation....

If you see an adult lizard (snout to tail 13cm+) and you get a good look at that area, particularly looking down on it, then you will notice the lack of bulge in a female. That generally means a lot of the adult lizards I observe I am not comfortable sexing. Nothing wrong with just saying you are a adult common lizard!!