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Red stemmed hairy veined leaves

Observed: 15th April 2013 By: Paul RobertsPaul Roberts’s reputation in PlantsPaul Roberts’s reputation in PlantsPaul Roberts’s reputation in PlantsPaul Roberts’s reputation in Plants
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Thanks Tim

Thanks Tim, yes it might well be Yellow Archangel. It should start to flower relatively soon. I'll keep checking on it. P

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I was thinking that it didn't look quite right ...

... for Lamium purpureum.

Anyway the location is correct for Lamiastrum galeobdolon ssp. montanum, and would be atypical for Lamium purpureum. I do find the native yellow archangel rather nondescript when not flowering.

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well it might be yellow

well it might be yellow archangel anyway, its really hard with just photos sometimes, juts got a sanicle wrong ((should have been goldilocks!)

Tim Rich

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Not sure whether this helps

Thanks Tim, Not sure whether this helps but managed to find this thing again and added some more pictures, two showing wine-coloured underside of leaves. Yellow Archangel is reported in these woods (last management plan, 2000) but Red and White dead nettles are also in our recent biodiversity report (Sussex Biodiversity Record Centre) ie this location but to nearest Sq. Km. Latter report also mentions a variegated Yellow Archangel... which might be the source of my confusion. Agreed, sometimes photos are very tricky. But will catch this thing flowering sooner or later. In the mean time if you think these pics more conclusive I'll agree on Yellow Archangel. Best, Paul

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they help a little more,

they help a little more, makes me surer Lamiastrum - certainly not Lamium!

Tim Rich