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Help with Bee ID

Observed: 15th April 2013 By: SymbioticEarth
Yellow Legged Mining Bee

I saw this bee yesterday resting on wild garlic - I wasn't sure what it was, but thought it was a mining bee of some kind. Haven't seen one like this before though, and am quite new to identifying less obvious bees. After checking BWARS fact sheet, I did a few searches for images on line and keep arriving at the conclusion that this might be a female yellow legged mining bee. I have seen nothing to suggest they are this far north, so am not convinced. I would appreciate any confirmation or other thoughts. Sorry about the not so good image, but I disturbed it before I realised it was there, then it flew off, just managed to catch this shot before it did. Thanks

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A. flavipes

Difficult to give a positive ID to this, but it does look like A. flavipes and they are out now so it could well be that.