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Observed: 16th April 2013 By: coloursofmemorycoloursofmemory’s reputation in Invertebratescoloursofmemory’s reputation in Invertebratescoloursofmemory’s reputation in Invertebrates

Hanging above a barn door.Approx 3cm long.

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This could be one of any number of moths or butterflies. The best way to be sure of the identification is to put it somewhere safe where conditions match those where it was found and wait for it to emerge (with camera at the ready!)

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Ok,thanks. I'll do that. I've just been out to see if it's still there as it's been very windy here for a few days. It is there, but flapping about in the breeze. Amazing that it hasn't been knocked off by a gust, or noticed by our garden birds. Not sure I can replicate the high wind environment, but I can do the light and exposure elements. How long do they take to emerge?

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This is surely one of the Whites Ron?
Can you put me right please?
NOT necessarily Large White of course.

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It could be, and probably is, one of the Whites but the only way to be sure is tio breed it through