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Other observations carousel...

...Seems to have disappeared from most observation pages. I don't think it's just me, others are having the same problem.



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I can second this, I seem to have lost my carousel too.



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I can third it. Only just noticed so I think it was working a few hours ago.

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Me too!

I've been thinking it was a problem with my computer.

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On and off

I've noticed it appears occasionally, but is mostly absent. Seems to come and go.


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Missing it too

It was one place where observations appeared in date order (latest first).

Edited 26.4.13 Not sure about that now. 'Other observations' are back and I just saw one where an older observation (2009) came first!

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Which date?

I think they appear in 'upload date' order not 'sighting date' order.

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Yes it was an upload date...

...but, when I looked again, the 2009 observation has now gone and a recent observation is first on the carousel!

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Working again?

Seems to be working again this evening (25 April). Thanks, if someone has fixed the problem.