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European Map / White Admiral?

Observed: 18th July 2007 By: sparkysparky’s reputation in Invertebratessparky’s reputation in Invertebratessparky’s reputation in Invertebrates

Sorry Chris still low res I'm afraid and the 'extra' pic seems blurred too!

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To be strictly accurate I think this is Araschnia levana f. prorsa but iSpot does not recognise that name and I think a view of the upper side would be needed to be completely sure.

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Thanks Chris

Many Thanks for the possible id - I must stop jumping to conclusions so quickly!! - the butterfly was only visible for a few seconds before it flew off however I do recall that it did seem rather smaller than a red admiral - maybe meadow - brown sort of size...I will try to attach a slightly higher res image in case that may help the id.

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Having done some further research I'm happy this is a European Map.

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Photos added

Sorry Chris still low res I'm afraid and the 'extra' photo I found is an absolute disgrace by ispot standards!