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Whelk delivery

Observed: 10th April 2013 By: dejayM
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Dog Whelks are easy to find, their eggs too. But together they have been a challenge.
This post had its recent origins here
But I promised then do get more of the same.
It must take a LOT out of the mother - this process.

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Great, more please.

Great, more please.

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Whelk delivery mechanism?

Great photographs I agree completely, this process must really deplete the 'maternal' resources. The images also triggered off a memory of a wacky Vic Reeves and Bob Mortimer piece, from many years ago, which featured a 'whelk location unit'. Bizarre as only Vic 'n' Bob can be - my 12 year old son loves that sketch. Of course, 'Vic Reeves' (aka Jim Moir) is a keen naturalist.

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I'm really disappointed that only two people in the whole Nation, maybe beyond, have agreed that these are what it says on the tin...
Maybe I should just post Daisy's and Dunnocks.
I guess the issue is that all postings quickly become history.
Poor me then...