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Spidrr with clear markings (added via Android)

Observed: 14th September 2012 By: kgs22
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Edit please

Would you please edit your entry and move it to the invertebrates section, thanks.

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Is that 'Garden Cross Spider'

Is that 'Garden Cross Spider' Chris?

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Alternative name

That is an alternative name, yes. Most key references refer to it as just the "Garden Spider".

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I agree.. but..

"Garden Spider" is the commoner usage, but "Garden Cross Spider" is a much better name imho as it ties in nicely with the latin, and differentiates it from the equally ubiquitous metellina pairing (sometimes diminished as "lesser garden spider").

Cvf "House Spider" used for Teggies, when steatoda, pseudophyrs, pholcus all occur at least as frequently within houses.