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Giving credit

I have been using ispot as a way of identifying things that I would struggle with.
However, as I am currently recording a site and writing a report on its possible conservation value, ispots ID's are proving very useful in adding to the species list. My issue is giving rightful credit in the report.
Any suggestions? Also, would it make a difference if the report is commissioned as paid or voluntary?



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Some thoughts

In my own recording I do tend to take the names of people who have provided IDs on iSpot and add them to the record - of course not everyone puts their full name on here so some are just down as their nickname. A also provide a link back to their iSpot page (e.g. http://www.ispot.org.uk/user/20802 would be yours)

In addition to acknowledging anyone who has helped you I would also suggest acknowledging iSpot itself (and letting the iSpot team know you have done so - such things are good for fund-raising on their part).

I suspect there would be concerns if you are producing a commercial report and are using iSpot to get for free expertise for which you yourself are being paid. Particularly since there are quite a few professionals on iSpot giving their time for free and you are, in effect, in competition with them for the work if you are doing paid work.

I would say that if you are doing more than just the very occasional bit of ID for a commercial project I think it would be appropriate to notify people that is what you are doing when asking for their help.

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Thanks David, this is very

Thanks David,
this is very much my line of thought, my work is currently for Cheshire wildlife as a volunteer recorder and my species list helps support the case for designating or maintaining existing designations for local wildlife sites (previously known as SBI).
Although I make no financial gain from the reports, the information could be used down the line for mitigating planning applications etc.
I think the other issue is assuming consent on behalf of the person who put forward an identification and of course the reputation of ispot itself.