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Undescribed gall species on dropwort

Observed: 15th May 2010 By: dshubble
Leaf Beetle Recording SchemeSouthampton Natural History Society
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Gall on dropwort - described as D. ulmaria or D. harrisoni by various authors, and may turn out to be a form of one of these (or possibly an undescribed species); until then it is simply known as Dasineura (undescribed sp. A), though abundant on this site. Discussion of this is in Cecidology 25:1 (Spring 2010).

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safe side

An old post. But I am here because I investigated ALL the Dasineura posts before offering my own - something everyone should do 'to be on the safe-side'.
I agree this is certainly a typical Dasineura - see http://www.bioimages.org.uk/html/r164370.htm
and http://www.fugleognatur.dk/artintro.asp?ID=42991&dknavn=Dasineura%20sp.&....
And I read this http://davehubbleecology.blogspot.co.uk/2011/05/galls-of-unknown-origin.... with interest Dave.
I think Galls like this are still rare on Filipendula vulgaris so it may still be undescribed.
The panel is flawed because of the addition of (undescribed sp. A) presumably a Forced ID (not using the drop-down)
This post could be useful to iSpot IF the new ID became Likely - only then might it be seen in Other Obs. I found it by searching.
Mine http://www.ispotnature.org/node/718572