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Observed: 12th April 2013 By: JanetPackhamJanetPackham’s reputation in InvertebratesJanetPackham’s reputation in InvertebratesJanetPackham’s reputation in Invertebrates

A wasp like insect

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Ophion species

I agree that on available morphology the determination can't be taken any further for recording purposes. However, at this date the overwhelming probability is that it is Ophion scutellaris. Ophion obscuratus is winter-active and could still be lingering, but this is normally pale-marked. Next to appear is O.scutellaris, and after that O.minutus which is a very distinctive species. So providing you're not committing it to print or entering it as a record, you could call it O.scutellaris. This group are generally internal parasites of moth larvae, the egg usually being laid into the full-grown larva - which at this time of year narrows down the host choice considerably.

Richard Dickson