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Scale Worm

Observed: 10th April 2013 By: dejayM
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And Chiton

Left In the photo), the Grey Chiton (Lepidochitona cinerea) and the reddish Scale worm.
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Proving difficult

This one, for me, is proving elusive but I have tagged it as Laetmonice hystrix.
There are 15 postings of Scale worms in iSpot - very few are positively IDd and only two have single agreements.
A near lookalike here

Even the Short ID of Scale worm seems to attract few agrements.
So, is there a shortage of Marine Invertebrate 'experts' in iSpot?
There is a helpful site here though I could not find 'mine'

Added Underside later

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Scale worms

Scale worms. Hayward & Ryland Marine Flora of NW Europe, has a key. The details needed to start the id are elytra number and which segments they occur on. Laetmonice hystrix has dorsal scales visible but ventral surface densely papillate. Does that fit? This is a link, but iSpot has some problems with long links, so it may take you a further google to get there.

More than 15 pairs of elytra would suggest not Harmothoë imbricata, as that has 15 pairs.


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Jo I had missed this comment, sorry.
I am fed up with NOT being able to find real lookalikes in books and on the Web.
You'd think my picture would be good enough - but no.
Worse really, as I found another, quite different yesterday!
I will follow your link, keys and suggestions as soon as I can.

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Towards IDs

Derek, don't get fed up. There is pleasure to be had from the journey towards an ID, not just in arriving. That's why I like iSpot; sharing our notes and observations so that everyone benefits. And it is how, sometimes, a bit more, previously unknown information is added to the general corpus of knowledge.


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2 months later - I am still chasing my tail over these, slightly obscure, animals. I am no-where near experienced enough to key out the necessary features for a more positive ID in the field.
But, BUT, I am getting satisfaction from trying. It seems the only way forward now is to bring these creatures to the 'bench' and key them out using H&R - that's what it's for.