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Yellow 'Welsh' poppy

Observed: 16th May 2010 By: Beagle
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Flowers solitary and terminal, drooping in bud, upright in flower. Feathery leaves and toothed leaflets. Growing along edge of footpath.

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Why Welsh?

I grew up in Wales but don't remember them there. Had a few in the garden of my Belfast home, which I assume were intially deliberately planted. It was interesting to see them travel along the street and catch in other gardens unintentionally. Lots of seed produced and easily established on a wide range of surfaces.

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Welsh poppies

Grew up in an village outside Liverpool and have childhood memories of identifying wildflowers with an 'Observers' book. I am as sure as I can be that they were named 'Welsh' poppies. I now teach in North Wales and you know what; I've never heard them called Welsh poppies!