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Small Bat

Observed: 20th July 2012 By: brachypro

Small bat found resting in the door jam when I came to lock up in the evening.

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Why a Nathusius pipistrelle?

Why do you think it is this?It looks a bit like a Soprano pip to me. But without other info it's hard to be sure.

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What do you need

Sorry I was too focused on getting the poor chap out of my kitchen to do any other recording and had forgotten about the photos. What info would you need? I did try to id at the time and was thrown by the whiskers on the mouth and the fact that I know virtually nothing about bats of course.

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Size? Shape of ear?

Did you measure the forearm by any chance? Or the wingspan? Or could you give us an idea of the size of the glove? Or did you get a better photo of the ear?
A Nathusius bat is pretty unusual to find. A Leislers generally has a shaggier and rougher fur and a mushroom shaped tragus and is a bit bigger.

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Soprano Pipistrelle

This is a pip, it's about as small as a British bat gets. Pale skin colour and sandy fur all point to Pipistrellus pygmaeus. Nathusius pip is unlikely, but possible but as a rule of thumb always go for the more common species! It does appear to be the right size for Soprano too.