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Bullhead Eggs

Observed: 3rd April 2013 By: Paul FosterPaul Foster’s reputation in Fish
Masterclass Drop Lane-7
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can you give us some description or ID notes, scale, perhaps circumstances?
It all helps us learn more.
These look remarkably like fish eggs, quite unlike frog (of any sort).

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Cottus gobio

Derek, I think this is a fish.
English names can be confusing; I always prefer a latin one,


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if only

Oh yes Jo...maybe I thought bullFROG!
I think it might be underwater then. Hence my request for more notes.
So...caviar then..but Paul must have other clues for us, as he is so certain.

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Yes, I mean a Bullhead fish,

Yes, I mean a Bullhead fish, I found them when on a training day for river environment management. One of the instructors from the British Trout Trust had found an identical clutch of eggs earlier in the day (and confirmed these.) Later on when we were being shown how they sample river fly larvae, we actually got an adult fish as well, but I missed the picture.

The River Ver is a classic spring fed chalk stream, and these eggs were indeed caviar size, 3 mm ish.

Carefully returned in the same location.

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millers thumb eggs

If I remember correctly the male guards the eggs until they hatch