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Observed: 13th April 2013 By: rstewartbrstewartb’s reputation in Amphibians and Reptilesrstewartb’s reputation in Amphibians and Reptiles

Now that the temperature has warmed up this Frogspawn is surrounded by Common Frogs.

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Frogs repeating spawning

30-odd frogs turned up in our pond as usual about the end of February, the day after some overdue rain. They stayed for about a week, again as usual, thought the pond froze over for a day or so while they were here. At the end of March came the snow and an extended cold spell, with the pond and spawn frozen hard for several days.

After the thaw I examined the spawn and it looked as if most if not all had been destroyed. The weather was mainly dry between then and now, but on 11 April we had rain and next day there were at least 34 frogs back in business. We have two clumps of new spawn already.

Perhaps the cold spell and fresh rain have kidded them into a repeat performance, but this has never happened before in our garden.