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Roe deer fawn

Observed: 9th April 1979 By: keredtramskeredtrams’s reputation in Mammalskeredtrams’s reputation in Mammals
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Captive or orphaned?

Why was the fawn being handled? Was is born in capitivity or assumed/known to be orphaned?

Gill Sinclair
OU Certificate in Contemporary Science
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assumed it was orphaned.was returned to its hiding place,and mother returned safely:-)

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Roe deer

I'm glad you returned it as, in this case, female roe deer do leave their fawns alone for periods of time.

If you find any baby animal always leave it alone, you are doing no-one any favours trying to raise it yourself when the mother is likely to have come back to it; also handling baby animals puts your smell on it and some mothers will desert their young if they smell of humans.

Graham Banwell

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