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2013-04-11 Unknown Caterpillar

Observed: 11th April 2013 By: MagicalMeerkat
2013-04-11 Unknown Caterpillar
  • garden tiger moth
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unknown caterpillar

Hello. I just found 3 small caterpillars on my globe thistle plants. They are about 1-2cm big and hairy. See photo. Could anyone help me Id them?

Thank you

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Surely not a vanessid?

Given the date and the aweful winter we've just had, I hardly dare suggest this. It isn't a vanessid butterfly is it? If it is, then which? Painted Lady is well-known from thistle-family, but it is entirely possible that Red Admiral would take it too. Last year its caterpillars were common on pellitory-of-the-wall in our garden (not that this is related). This is only a thought, because the date is quite outrageous!

Richard Dickson

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Hi. I popped it on another

Hi. I popped it on another forum and they think maybe a painted lady to. Im not sure. Ive moved them into a tank to give them more thistles (my globe thistles were tiny) and they seem more interested in the spinach i popped in! It is very early and ive seen no butterflies at all.