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Bullfinch pair (added via Android)

Observed: 11th April 2013 By: emperors gardenemperors garden’s reputation in Birdsemperors garden’s reputation in Birdsemperors garden’s reputation in Birds
Bullfinch male
Bullfinch pair
Bullfinch female

I have a pair of bullfinch coming to garden feeder every day. trying to get actual photo.
New photos as promised....

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Whilst I agreed with the ID

Whilst I agreed with the ID on the basis of the description I am not sure what purpose is served by uploading a picture from a book/magazine.

Jonathan Wallace

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Bullfinch photo

Hi Jonathan
I totally agree with you, however as my observation was sent from my smartphone and I was too faraway to get any picture, it would not let me send details until a photo was attached, and in the absence of an actual picture of the pair ( which I am trying to get), it was my only option. if they land on my other feeder which has a built in camera I will have no such issues.
hope this clarifies to you and anyone else who may think I may be blagging
Kind regards

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If it is, indeed, a photo from a magazine then I suspect that there may be breaches here of both iSpot's rules (having permission from the owner of the photo) and copyright law.

It might be best to remove the whole observation.


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Bullfinch pair

Hi ..I have new and actual photos ...as promised

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Bullfinch pair

New and actual photos as promised...

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Observation Photographs

Hello iSpotters,

Yes, when you upload a photograph to iSpot you are agreeing that 'the content is yours, or you have the permission of the owner to agree to this usage' see our terms of use at http://www.ispot.org.uk/terms-of-use for more information.

Unfortunately this means that photographs which are not your own cannot be used in iSpot observations. As the picture has now been removed,there's no problem here. It is fine to upload observations without images as well if you do not have any.

Hopefully the Bullfinch will land on the feeder with the built in camera, and you will get the perfect shot to add to iSpot.

Many Thanks,


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Bullfinch pair

Hi ..I have new and actual photos as promised

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Thank you!

They may not be crisp but you can see male and female. I don't mean to sound patronising but well done you! I also struggle to get photos for some of the birds I see.

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