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Identity of this ground beetle?

Observed: 11th April 2013 By: rbel

Found in a pack of imported raspberries!
As there are quite large holes in the plastic film covering the raspberries my first thought was that it could be a UK native but having spent some time checking images I am not so sure. The thorax seems quite narrow which precludes a lot of the more common species.

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I might tend towards a tenebrionid instead - our Lagria hirta is rather similar to this, including the hairiness. I've certainly not come across a native species this could be, so I'd guess it's come with the raspberries... Any idea where they were imported from?

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The retailer says that it came from a supplier in S Africa. The beetle was quite active which I initially thought would point to a local inhabitant, but I suppose with with soft fruit being air-freighted in on a daily basis it could survive a trip of a few thousand kilometres.

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