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Observed: 15th May 2010 By: marilynmmarilynm’s reputation in Birdsmarilynm’s reputation in Birds

Wheatears seem to like this area - the golf practice range behind Woburn Golf club, alongside a beech woodland area.

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Is n't this rather an unusual

Is n't this rather an unusual location for wheatears, are they on migration elsewhere or stay at Brickhill for the summer?

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unusual location?

I haven't seen them here often - in fact only once before - feeding across the practice green that time, - all I can remember was it was summer that time.
I saw the mask and thought it was a shrike when I saw it first... but as soon as I looked through the bins I could see the beak was wrong. It was about 20 feet from a pair of greylag as well - I've never seen them there before!
You are right though - the rspb site distribution map shows them to be unusual for this area.

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According to British Wildlife, one of 6 species showing significant contraction of their ranges: BTO are looking for records (