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Observed: 9th April 2013 By: jennilouise1978jennilouise1978’s reputation in Invertebrates
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Segestria florentina

I am familiar with S.florentina in Southampton but I am surprised this one is so far north. It has found perfect habitat and perhaps you could look for the webs in old walls.
He is a handsome spider!

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..and for the record..

my initial thoughts was florence as well, but the palps (as Alan was close to realising) tell the tale. Better resolution on the eye arrangement would have shown that it wasn't 6 eyed.

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Yes, the palp looks a better

Yes, the palp looks a better match for Coelotes, as does the pattern on the abdomen now I look at it more closely.

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The visible palp didn't look right Segestria florentina. With it being near Llandudno I should have realised Coelotes was more likely!

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I wish it was Segestria

I wish it was Segestria florentina. I'd love to find something like that around here!